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Tire Services and Repair

Before you hit the road, hit up the team you trust for an inspection or help with tire repairs. And when the time comes for a new set, our tire shop has a range of affordable selections.

Tire Purchase/Tire Installationabout Tire Purchase/Tire Installation

Need new tires? We’ll help you choose the right set for you and get them installed. Service includes removal o...

Tire Repairabout Tire Repair

Don't get frustrated by tire problems. The pros at Big O have the tools and the know-how to repair your flat o...

Wheel Alignment about Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment is an important, although often overlooked part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance. ...

Tire Pressure Checkabout Tire Pressure Check

Tire pressure is critical! The wrong pressure can lead to tire failure and accidents. Drive in to your local B...

Tire Rotationabout Tire Rotation

To get the most life from your tires and to help them wear more evenly, have them rotated every 5,000–7,000 mi...

Wheel Balancingabout Wheel Balancing

Even the smallest difference in wheel balance can create vibrations or bumpy driving. Multiply by 4 or more wh...

Snow Tire Installationabout Snow Tire Installation

Depending on your climate, snow tires (also called winter tires) might be an absolute essential for safe winte...

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