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Suspension and Front End Services

Before you hit the road, hit up the team you trust for an inspection or help with tire repairs. And when the time comes for a new set, our tire shop has a range of affordable selections.

Shocksabout Shocks

Shocks help keep your ride nice and smooth. If the road has gotten a little bumpy, come to Big O Tires and we’...

Strutsabout Struts

Struts stabilize your vehicle and keep it from swaying, bouncing and bottoming out. If you suspect a problem, ...

Steering and Suspension Evaluationabout Steering and Suspension Evaluation

If you're having handling problems, notice unusual movements over bumps or turns, or simply need a routine eva...

Tie Rodsabout Tie Rods

Tie rods help push and pull the front tires when you turn the steering wheel. Faulty tie rods can result in er...

Ball Jointsabout Ball Joints

The ball joint is the pivot point between your vehicle's wheels and its suspension system. Many of the front-e...

Rack and Pinionabout Rack and Pinion

Your vehicle's steering system relies on the rack and pinion to make steering feel 'tight'. If you’ve noticed ...

CV Joints and CV Axlesabout CV Joints and CV Axles

CV joints and CV axles connect your transmission to your wheels. Big O Tires can check them on a regular basis...

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